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Products & Services
Auto Karl Fischer
Water Still
Hot Air Oven
Laboratory Stirrer
Water Bath Rectangular
Digital pH Meter
Heating Mantles
Magnetic Stirrer
Microprocessor Oxygen Meter
Microprocessor KF Moisture
Photo Colorimeters
Semi Auto Chemistry Analyser
Water & Soil Analysis Kit
Incubator Bacteriological
Serological Water Bath
Testing Equipments
Abbe's Refractometer
Autoclave Horizontal Rectangular
Autoclave Vertical Double Walled
Electric Autoclave
Non Electric Ss. Autoclave
Automatic Knife Sharpener (spencer Type)
Blood Cell Counter
Capsule Filling Machine
Centrifuge Clinical
Centrifuge Medico
Digital Colony Counter
Digital Ph Meter
Dressing Drums
Flash Point Apparatus
Gyratory Sieve Shaker
Horizontal (reciprocating) Kahn Shaker
Hot Plate Rectangular
Humidity Cabinet(refrigrated Type)
Incubator B.o.d Low Temperature
Incubator Orbital Shaking
Instrument Sterilizer Electrical
Karl Fischer Titrimeter
Kjeldhal Distillation Apparatus with Glass Parts
Laboratory Polarimeter
Laminar Air Flow
Laboratory Water Distillation Still (table Pattern Barnstead Type )
Lyophillizer (freeze Dryer)
Microprocessor Kf Moisture Titrator
Muffle Furnace (industrial Use)
Oven and Incubator Combined
Oven Hot Air Universal
Parafin Embedding Bath
Reading Device
Rotap Sieve Shaker
Rotary Shaker (closed Body)
Seed Germinator (dual Chamber)
Shaking Machine (griffin Flask Shaker)
Shaking Machine (griffin Flask Shaker)
Student Organ Bath
Table Sieve Shaker
Tissue Floatation Bath
V.d.r.l. Rotator
Vortex Shaker (test Tube Shaker )
Wall Mounting(water Still)
Water Bath Dubb off
Testing Equipments
Autoclave Horizontal Cylindrical
Autoclave Vertical (triple Walled High Pressure)
Non Electric Al. Autoclave
Automatic Knife Sharpener (a.t. Type)
Biological Safety Cabinet
Bowl Stainless Steel
Capillary Tubes
Centrifuge Compact Laboratory
Colony Counter
Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Digital Photo Colorimeter
Flame Photometer
Fume Hood
Hand & Table Microtome
Heating Mantle (made of Glass Yarn)
Hot Plate Laboratory
Scalpal Handle
Incubator Egg
Infra Red Moisutre Balance
Instrument Trays with Cover
Kjeldhal Digestion Apparatus
Laboratory Conductivity Meter
Laboratory Stirrer
Laboratory Water Distillation Still
(Table Pattern Barnstead Type )
Laminar Air Flow
Magnetic Stirrer (improved Model)
Mortuary Chamber
Muffle Furnace (laboratory Use)
Oven Drying(industrial Use)
Oven Vaccum
Portable Water/soil Analysis Kits
Rocking Microtome (cambridge Type)
Rotary Flash Evaporator
Senior Precision Rotary Microtome
(spencer Type)
Senior Precision Rotary Microtome
(spencer Type)
Suction Apparatus
Test Sieves
Universal Hot Air Oven
Vacuum Pump Rotary
Wagner Shaking Machine
Wash Basin Stainless Steel
Water Bath Rectangular Double Walled
Wheel Chair Folding
Water Bath Serological
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